Planning and Technology


Planning is not only 3D modelling. It all starts with the definition of the right product for the customer and the best location for it.
We design every project integrating it as well as possible to the existing terrain.
This guarantees sustainability and cost efficiency, reducing the production of artificial snow. Key to our unmatched precision and high standard is state of the art technology in terms of hardware and digitalization. Accurate 3D planning guarantees efficiency and quality in construction and maintenance of a snowpark throughout the entire season.

We provide:
• Digitalization and optimization of your new or existing project
• Technical 3D plan
• Guaranteed flow due to calculations and simulation of a run / jump
• Snow volume calculation
• High quality 3D renderings


PRINOTH snowgroomers in combination with LEICA snow depth measurement offers the best technology for an easy project implementation. Modern GNSS antennas, reference stations and advanced sensors offer the most up to date information regarding machine position, terrain model and the resource snow. Thanks to a sophisticated system, it is possible to transfer the snowpark design into the LEICA iCON working screen. This solution allows us to display complex courses in an easy, self-explanatory way and enables the operator to build a course in less time. The accuracy in building is unique as the progress is displayed in real time. This guarantees an exact correspondence to the specification from the course designer. It also brings advantages during maintenance of the course, which can be done more accurately.
The management of the resource snow before realizing the project is simple as the
requirements come from the model. During construction of the snow park the designer can monitor the allocation of snow in real time.